Monday, June 30, 2014

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Taking an after-dinner stroll through our neighborhood is a much-anticipated ritual of our summer evenings.  Most of the time, the boys will opt to stay home--shooting hoops or breaking in our new Spike-Ball set.  Thus, my hubby and I set off down the street, through our little three-cove community, within hollering distance of the house.   This is a novel concept for a city girl like me, born and raised in South Florida.  I must confess that I’m rather enamored of our own version of “country living”! 

We see bunnies scrambling across unfenced yards, folks watering their sun-drenched lawns, and dogs lounging underneath a shade tree--lazily ensconced behind their electric fence.  At the end of the street, there is an inlet, of sorts, that leads to a planted field--wheat or barley, we have determined.  And, if we get there at just the right time, we will see deer, cautiously exiting their woodland protection for a bite of dinner.  Again, the city girl gets giddy.

But, one unexpected delight has become my favorite part of our ambling--the music.  There is an older gentleman who opens up his garage door, turns on his stereo, and plays DJ from his lawn-chair.  It’s usually a “golden oldies” playlist--the Temptations, the Beach Boys, or even Ol’ Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra, for the youngsters!)  It’s not obnoxious or annoying--simply loud enough for those who might wander past his driveway to enjoy.  And, quite frankly, my step will quicken a bit--likely in rhythm to the music.  Admittedly, I am the “vocalist” of this duo; but, I just know that my sweetie is humming along.  Inside. 

I just know it.

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