Monday, July 14, 2014

Cows Are Multi-Taskers

They chew their cud, stare at strangers, and swish flies away with their tails.  And, they do all of these things, simultaneously--and skillfully.  They mosey about the pasture, rest when they are tired, and wisely, lay down in the shade in the heat of the day.  Even though they will wander away from the herd for a bite to eat--they are always within moo-shot of their cow pals. 

When we humans approach, one of the group will look up, seemingly unflapped by our presence, while the rest continue with their busyness. The designee evaluates the stranger--friend or foe--and returns to chewing and swishing.  They don’t miss a beat--and they’re not in a hurry.  The ultimate in multi-tasking methodology.

Yes, we, do have the ability to chew gum and walk.  On a good day, I can even pat my tummy and rub my head (or is it rub my tummy and pat my head?).  However, human multitasking seems to lack something--purpose, focus, and a built-in flyswatter.  We rush from task to task, just getting it done--but are we really getting it done well?  Are we really listening to our kids re-tell the story of the addition to the backyard fort, while checking e-mail?  Can we balance the checkbook and have a “tell me about your day” conversation with our spouse?  Truth be told, I have significantly delayed dinner time because I have attempted to fellowship with friends and work out a new recipe--I simply can’t do both.  And, there are witnesses to this, believe you me.

But, the cows seem to manage quite well.  Their purpose is clear and their needs are met.  And, they might even find time to stare purposefully into your eyes.  I’m a fan.  

And, I will refrain from corny jokes about what cows like to do on Friday nights...

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