Monday, July 21, 2014

Never Leave A Pillar Candle Unattended--And Other Helpful Household Hints

In just a few days, the eldest daughter of a dear friend of mine will pledge her troth.  This young woman to precious to me and I know that she will be the most wonderful of wives.  She has received much advice and wisdom, some solicited, and some--not so much.  However, there are those things that only experience can teach as you find yourself employed in the role of domestic goddess.  Bits of wisdom from those "a-ha" moments that should and must be preserved for future generations.

I have started a list--and would love for you to offer any insights, helpful hints, or wisdom that falls into the "if only someone had told me this" category.  I fully intend to pass along the list--and if you are so inclined, stories that support the advice given, are deeply appreciated!

1.  Empty the bottom row of your dishwasher first; then, if any water has accumulated on the dishes in the top row, it won't slosh off onto your once-dry dishes. 
2.  Never leave a pillar candle unattended.
3.  Know how to use your fire extinguisher before you actually need to use it.

(Yes, there is a story behind numbers 2 and 3.  And, yes, our house is still standing.)

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