Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trail Practice

Lessons Learned from the Rock Castle Gorge Trail (or City Girl Giddiness--The Sequel)

1. Brooks not only babble--they also chatter, bellow, and chuckle.

2.  Watch for butterflies and millipedes.  And orange salamanders.

3. A one-mile incline is harder than 3 miles of flatland.

4. Hikers are nice people. 

5.  Walking the trail with a retired forest pathologist provides a better lesson in plant life than any 10th grade Biology textbook could ever offer.

6.  Follow a good leader.

7.  Shade trees are a hiker's best pal.

8.  You really can run out of synonyms for "beautiful".

9.  Walk softly--and carry a big stick. (See #3)

10.  Even weeds produce lovely wildflowers. 

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