Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School (Or Walk Like An Egyptian)

The last of the Black Cherokee tomatoes have been picked.  The pool bag has been put away.  And, the lightning bug population has significantly decreased.  All of these things point towards a reluctant admission on my part--summer break is over.  And, Barnard Academy has resumed.

I must confess, I geek out this time of year.  We are back in the Ancient World.  (And, no, this has nothing to do with the fact that my phone is an outdated Motorola Razr Flip that only makes and takes phone calls).  The world of Ancient Egypt, to be exact.  We study about the Nile River, Egyptian gods and goddesses, pyramids--all that fun stuff.  And, the “cool things to make and do” possibilities are endless--with special thanks to Pinterest.  Mummified Barbie dolls, cartouche hieroglyphic necklaces, and yes, a papier-mache of King Tut’s mask.  

This year, I hit the jackpot in my search for curriculum complements!

Marshmallow Pyramids--or tetrahedrons.  Sort of.
"He-who-is-now-taller-than-I" had greater success.

This is my nod to the iconic Louvre landmark.   Abstract toothpick art.

Farewell to salt maps--hello, cookie dough maps!

Ancient Egypt, Nile River and the Red Sea. 

Of course, there's a LEGO mummy.

Giving credit where credit is due:

Cookie Dough Maps:
Marshmallow Pyramids:


  1. So fun ! You crack me up about your phone reference. Not even texting on that phone ?!
    Happy new school year !
    Our pool will be open still a whole yet here in TX for regular "PE sessions". Lol.

    1. I meant a "while yet":)

  2. Nope. Not even a text plan--can you hear the dinosaurs roaring in the background! I think your pool (and my Ninja's ongoing karate classes) have the makings of a "You Might Be A Homeschooler If..."