Friday, August 22, 2014

Of Sailfish and Bulldogs

“You wish, you wish, you wish you were a ‘Fish”.  Yes, that lovely sentiment from my alma mater’s Sailfish Salutation Celebration (otherwise known as Welcome Week) echoes in my mind, particularly this time of year.  As our students return to campus, bringing their energy and vibrance back to this neck of the woods, I am reminded of those days.  Late-night roomie chats about “various topics”, making a “Run to the Border” just for the fun of it, or enjoying the view from our balcony (no, we were certainly not spying on anyone sitting on the sea wall) were all part of the Palm Beach Atlantic experience.  

 Yes, we went to college on Flagler Drive, a mile away from the Atlantic Ocean.  Our residence halls overlooked the Intracostal Waterway and the temperatures rarely dipped below 70 degrees.  Oh, and did I mention, the island of Palm Beach was just across the bridge--home of the Breakers, Worth Avenue, and Mar-A-Lago?  Life was rough, I tell you. 

During my sophomore year, a Director of Student Life was hired who would revitalize campus activities--and yes, bring “LIFE” to Student Life!  She brought with her a wealth of experience, a contagious vivacity--and a fabulous Assistant Director, too.  And, she just happened to be the wife of one of my favorite professors.  Ka-ching! 

And, then, there was that one Economics professor who, together with his adorable Texan wife, opened his heart--and his home--inviting us in for a “piece of pie”.  And, some of us never left. 

And, they poured into us, investing in our lives, loving us when we were rather unlovable, challenging us when we needed a push, teasing us when we were taking ourselves much too seriously--and taught us the importance of seeing life, with a broader perspective.  A divine dot-to-dot picture where you may not fully comprehend what is being crafted right now; but, when you look back, you will see the picture in clearer view.

I wanted to grow up and be just like them.  Just like them.  And, guess what?

Here I sit, twenty years later, married to my very favorite Professor-Philosopher, having the privilege of sharing our lives with students--who become part of our family.  We have the unique opportunity of “paying it forward”--to open the door and welcome “our kids” into our world.  And, they bless us more than they will ever know.

For the past few years, just about this time, I have written a note to those mentioned above, letting them know of my appreciation, my affection, and my gratitude.  Here’s my note, dear ones.  You know who you are.

“I thank my God each time I remember you” ~  Philippians 1:3


  1. Thanks for reading, sweet love! Can't wait to hear about your India experience--let's catch up soon :)

  2. So thankful for the many nights I spent in your kitchen, sitting around a table with your family, talking about all of life's happenings. Thanks for paying it forward! I hope I get to do the same one day!

    1. You are a gem--and we have loved every minute of it! Grateful for you and where the Lord is taking you <3