Friday, February 6, 2015

As You Wish

This is my prize catch from last week's library visit.  It's just a book about one of my all-time favorite films, based upon one of my all-time favorite fairy tales--oh, and spearheaded by one of my all-time favorite director/producer-types.  I was a mere twenty pages into the trip down Westley Lane, when I delightfully declared to my Philosopher, "I will be buying this book.  Just so you know."  He has no objections as it's one of his favorite flicks, too.  So much so that he wrote a paper on it for an Honors English class in college--we're pretty sure Dr. Brian still has a copy.  

Do you remember the first time you encountered Westley, Buttercup and the R.O.U.S'?  I certainly do.  It was a Saturday afternoon, in mid-October.  1987.  We were celebrating my friend Angie's birthday.  Yes, I remember details like that.  Scary, eh?  Of course, we had no idea that this little romance-action-adventure-comedy film would become a cult classic.  We just thought that Westley was cute (and he was!), Inigo Montaya was a fabulous swordsman, and "as you wish" was the most swoon-worthy statement of the century.  Sigh.

And, years later, the flick is still a favorite.  We introduced it to the Ninja and "He-who-is-now-taller-than-I" several years ago.  They loved it.  Even "the kissing part".  Don't tell them I told you that.  

There are so many unforgettable lines and moments--from "Mawage--that bwessed institwuition" to "Probably he means no harm. He's really very short on charm."  Miracle Max and "I'm not a witch--I'm your wife".  And, how many times have we (okay, I) chanted, "Have fun storming the castle!" as my Philosopher leaves for work?  

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father, prepare to die.  Will "Princess" ever escape our vault of beloved motion picture classics?  Inconceivable.  


  1. Catching up on your blog, and came across this. Yes. I purchased that as soon as I heard about it. And yes, one of my All Time Favorites. Inconceivable, no? ::grin::

  2. It IS one of my favorites and I mean it.
    May I offer you a peanut?