Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Thoughts on A Snowy Friday...

1.  Yes, it is actually snowing. Not spewing ice pellets, or as I have come to call it, ever-so-affectionately, "Southern Spit". Actual snowflakes.  Which, for your edification, make a great surface for an impromptu game of broom hockey.

2.  Seeing gorgeously vibrant male cardinals hopping around in the snow makes us smile.  And, I like to take it as a sign that Spring will eventually come.

3.  I do wish that doing laundry burned significant amounts of calories.  Like the equivalent of say, a 5K.

4.  Yoga pants are the bomb.

5.  No, Barnard Academy has not closed this week.  And, the debates regarding such closings have gone like this.

Boy:  Mom, can we have a snow day? Can't we just have one day off?
Me:   Dude, your whole life is a snow day. 
Me: We work on snow days, dearest, so that when sunny days pop up this Spring, we can take a "Sun Day".  While the rest of your "traditionally-schooled" pals are indoors.
Boy:  (external eye roll, shoulders slumped--a defeated stance) 

6.  Baking double chocolate chip banana bread is a very effective method by which to heat a home.   

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