Friday, June 26, 2015

Smooth Operator

For whatever reason, we have entered a Smoothie phase in our house.  I'm not quite sure how it evolved.  Perhaps, my Mama Boot Camp efforts combined with He Who Is Now Taller Than I embarking on his own self-styled fitness regimen, inspired these blended attempts toward clean-er eating.  And drinking.  Anyhoo, it's been fun.  And, of course, I created a Pinterest board for it all.  As if.

Good equipment is key.  Our lovely, low-end wedding gift of a blender survived about a half-dozen smoothies until it gave up the ghost.  Actually, the almond milk.  Flowing out the bottom.  After nearly two decades of faithful service, we retired the Oster.  And, thus, I set out to research blenders.  Yes, when you have access to things like Consumer Reports, it's amazing how research-focused you become.  Major and minor appliances.  So many reviews, so little time.  But, when you come across an affordable and highly-rated machine called NINJA, you realize that you can't go wrong.

Kudos to my sista-friends (and innocent bystanders) who have tolerated my waxing eloquent about the electric Ninja 1000.  Not to be confused with the human Ninja who dwells in our house.  Though the energy and noise levels are about equal!  I feel like a real Smoothista--or whatever they might be called.  This beauty has a tree-like piece with multiple blades that will slice you just by looking at it.  You might not think this important but it means that you can put ice in at the top--or the bottom.  We're getting crazy around here! Three pulses and thirty seconds on high--and voila.

Our favorites?  Banana, baby spinach, almond milk, vanilla yogurt, honey, and ice.  Well, my human Ninja isn't crazy about those.  He prefers "traditional" smoothies--fruit, milk, and ice cream.  Yes, we have learned from reliable sources that a local Smooth-erie uses ice cream in their concoctions.  Illusions of healthy consumption go right out the door.  But, we will keep their secret.  I will use this opportunity to blatantly promote Pour Me Some Juice, at The Lift in Downtown Jackson.  A dear friend manages it, some good friends are employed there, and much like the oft-celebrated brand name ice cream in our newly-renovated Kroger, it's 100% natural.  End of commercial.  

Just for fun, I have also tried the Pineapple Dole Whip recipe.  If you like Orange Julius (which I do), it's basically a Pineapple Julius.  It's quite yummy.  A dollop of whip cream on top.  A maraschino cherry to make it look pretty.  A taste of the islands in the rhinestone on the buckle of the Bible Belt.  Wahoo...and Squee!

Oh, and we call the spinach-banana mixology, the Yoda Smoothie.  Rightly named, it is.  And, yes, the straw must match.  Curb appeal and all that.


  1. I love it! Our favorite is almond milk, kale, almond butter, protein powder, and ice! So good, healthy, and filling!

  2. Filling is good! I need that for those mid afternoon hungries😀