Friday, September 18, 2015

It's A Top Ten List

David Letterman asked me to continue his time-honored tradition.  Okay, so, he didn't. But, what would life be like without those iconic top ten lists?  As I go about my day, in my Family Manager role (I am so not a fan of the term "stay-at-home mom" because as most moms in this role can attest, we are not always at home), there are certain things, gadgets, or simple pleasures for which I am exceedingly grateful.  And, in some cases, they make life easier.  Or encourage my offspring to rise up and call me blessed.  That's always nice.

So, here is my list, in no particular rank or priority, of the Top Ten Things That Make Life Groovy for Those Of Us Who Work Inside The Home.  Or perhaps, it's just groovy for me.

1.  Flatbread--Yes, I arrived late to this party. But, flatbread is the 21st century equivalent of mini-bagels.  And, their dressed-up cousins, mini-bagel pizzas.  Some flatbread, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, and pepperoni slices--and poof, a quick snack/lunch/hold-you-over dinner is on the table.

2.  Wrinkle Shield--I am now the proud owner of a dryer which has this delightful setting.  Should a load of clothes finish their stint in the drying unit, and because one is otherwise occupied with other domestic duties (or finally putting on lipstick!), and the clothes are not immediately rescued, this lovely mechanism kicks in.  It tosses your clothes about for another five minutes, seemingly counts to ten or so, and repeats the cycle for a few more rounds. Brilliant!


3.  Spotify--Anything from Zumba to Favorite Soundtrack Songs (hello, Footloose and When Harry Met Sally!) to Miles Davis and Horace Silver.  And some Amazing Grace and Gone Country in between.  The extra bonus is the creativity that one exerts when naming personal playlists.  My favorite?  Poison, Pawprints, and Polo.  

4.  Candles--I just like them.  They smell good.  They look pretty.  That's all.

5.  Library Cards--It all started with Story Time in Fall 2002, when He Is Who Is Now Taller Than I was just a wee lad.  When you're on a first name basis with the librarians and circulation folks, you know you're a library geek.  I embrace it.

6.  Washi Tape--If it weren't for the packing of a care package for a missionary family in South Africa, I would have never learned of this fabulous stuff.  Being the only two-legged female in our household, I was not aware of the benefits of Washi Tape. Until now.  It comes in all colors, patterns, widths, and such.  And it makes simple tea light candles into great party favors for bridal showers.  Whee--and Squee, too!

7.  Yard, Garden, Hammock and/or GreenSpace--Having grown up in apartments or duplexes for most of my life, we never had much of a green space.  Or at least one that was conducive to growing things.  Nor did we really have the time to grow things.  Plants need water to grow--on a regular basis. Yeah.  No matter how big or small your space may be, make it yours.  Grow stuff.  Plant flowers.  If I can do it, anybody can.  

8.  Rotisserie Chicken--Much like ramen noodles, there are so many yummy things one can create with a $5.99 Savory Rotisserie Chicken from Kroger (with your Kroger card, of course).  Chicken salad, chicken quesadillas, and chicken enchiladas.  For a major score, you could combine the aforementioned Flatbread with the Rotisserie Chicken, and make a wrap of any Mediterranean flavor--or a Barbecued Chicken Pizza.  

9.  Sonic Happy Hour--How can you beat this?  All slushes and drinks, half-price, for three whole hours?  Bliss.  Although Taco Bell and a local McDonald's franchise trying to drum up business have jumped on this bandwagon, too.  Sonic Cherry Limeade.  It's the bomb.

10. "Mr. T"--No, it's not the mohawked opponent of Rocky--or burly member of the A-Team.  It's this nifty little guy in which you place loose tea leaves and steep him in your hot water.  It's even more fun when your "sister-from-another-mother" gifts with you such a conversation piece. 


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