Thursday, November 26, 2015

Five Kernels of Corn

Honestly, I can't recall when I first learned of the "Five Kernel" story.  It might have been from my pre-school teacher mother's files--or from my Sunday School mental archives. Regardless, it is a story shared and a tradition practiced in our house since Mini-Hooper's first Giving of Thanks. Whether it's grocery-store candy corn--or five actual kernels of corn--it is a poignant yet simple object lesson. 

As you will recall, the Pilgrim's expedition from "across the pond" was fraught with peril and challenge.  Upon their arrival, the well-intentioned adventurers had no clue what awaited them.  They faced dwindling supplies, harsh seasonal changes, and a lack of practical knowledge about agriculture and simple architecture.  In truth, the band of hopefuls that boarded the Mayflower to flee religious persecution was nearly wiped out--amid sickness and starvation.  Legend tells us that just five kernels of corn stood between those folks and probable death. Thus, when the Pilgrims were rescued by both Divine intervention and Native knowledge of the land, they had much for which to be thankful.

Thus, the tradition of recalling past blessings and reflecting upon the ultimate Source of those gifts became a Thanksgiving tradition.  Each year, around a table laden with turkey, homemade cranberry applesauce (thanks to my fabulous mother-in-law), and the inevitable green bean casserole, we have five kernels of corn at our place setting.  We take turns naming something/somebody/someplace for which we are thankful.  Somewhere in my memory boxes, I have scraps of paper noting the response of our perpetually-growing offspring.  But, I do recall such things as simple as a new LEGO set (Mini-Hooper) or seeing a Gator football game in the Swamp (He Who Is Now Taller Than  I). Thankfuls for laughter, family, and the Truth abound.  

Five little kernels.  Five spoken words of appreciation. In everything, give thanks.  

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