Friday, December 11, 2015

I Wish I'd Said That...

"...The pagan gods were not there to be known; they were there to be feared.  They were not there to be loved; they were there to be placated.  They were many, and they were temperamental.  The people lived in fear of these forces, which could lavish great prosperity on their households but could also scorch the earth beneath them.

But, Israel's God was different.  He was definite, and his character was immutably fixed.  And they were to love him for it with everything they had.

They were to love him with all their heart.   In the seat of their deepest dreams and desires, in the place where they wrestled with their sorrows and clung to flickering hopes, they were to love him.

They were to love him with all their soul.  In the place that made each individual unique, in the inner court of the mind where decisions were made, in the forming of the bonds between friends and lovers, as well as in the coming together of a community, they were to love him."

~Behold The Lamb of God:  An Advent Narrative
Russ Ramsey

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