Monday, January 18, 2016


So, I've been trying to spice up our Science curriculum.  With Mini-HooperHe Who Is Now Taller Than I is more than covered thanks to Tutorial, Physical Science, and a science fair project inspired by DeflateGate.  So, I have turned to my ever-faithful Pinterest, purveyor of cool ideas that actually use stuff I have at the house.  And special thanks to DaneenDee, the Science Lay-dee who has been pinning some of this fun stuff on my "She Blinded Me With the Science" board.  Whee!

The first in the "Science is Fun" line is the What Freezes First experiment.   This also ranks high on the Gross-but-Cool meter.  All you need is an ice-cube tray, a timer, a freezer, and some stuff to freeze.  We used Blue Gatorade, Ranch dressing, white vinegar, Almond milk, and chocolate syrup--all stuff I had in the fridge and/or cabinet.  Then, we made our predictions, set the timer, and noted the actual results.  Boom.

The next day, I decided to make use of those leftover candy canes and did the Dissolving Candy Canes project--this was super cool.  Here again, I used what I had on hand.  Four candy canes, 4 glasses, and various liquids in which to dissolve said canes (Caffeine-Free Coke Classic, White Vinegar, Ice Water, and Vegetable Oil).  The results were nifty--and a wee bit disturbing.

Candy Canes All In A Row.

Caffeine-Free Coke.

Lest you think I am just a potential Nobel-Prize winning scientist, disguised in a pink hoodie and Asics trainers, there have been a, well, fails.  Not an on epic scale.  Just experi-Pins that didn't quite live up to their billing.  Like the Skittles rainbow project.  I am more than willing to admit operator error.  But, I followed the directions to a T, I promise I did.  And one should never take the easy, no-bake route when it comes to making crystals--generic aspirin, a jar of water in a dark and quiet place just won't cut it.  You need Borax, people.  

The Actual.

The Ideal.

I will have to leave the house and venture to the store in which I am told that what I need is in the Craft aisle.  The whole dang store is a craft aisle.  Basically.  Yes, I am referring to the jewel in the weekly 40%-off coupon crown, Hobby Lobby.  

But, I can almost guarantee that I won't find Borax with the Washi tape and calligraphy pens.

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