Friday, February 26, 2016

Hip to Be Square: A Confessional

I now own a SmartPhone.  Technically, it's an Android.  Like Data on Star Trek.  Phew, it makes me feel better to confess that to you all.  After waxing somewhat eloquently about my affection for my $.12 non-furbishable flip phone that was falling apart--comes with detachable screen, don't ya know--reality struck.  Hard.  Here's how.

Obviously, my Favorite Philosopher and I were in need of new telecommunications apparati.  And, we had it in mind to simply "upgrade" to a new flip phone.  Easy-peasy, right?  Not so much.  After visiting our local Verizon store, we learned that it would cost more--yes, cost infinitely more--to purchase low-tech, "I just want to call people" phones than to be ushered into the 21st century (or 2015, as it was right around the corner) with a SmartPhone.  For the record, I wanted mine to be cute, too.  You know, the whole technological package.  It has also has a nice personality, likes to go on moonlit beach strolls, and "isn't much into health food" (Points to those who can sing the next stanza to that 80s one-hit wonder without Googling). So, we succumbed. 

Yet another confession:  I am rather pleased with the whole texting thing.  It does make life easier when communicating with my Favorite Philosopher (MFP) about ETAs, Kroger runs, or what kind of post-game wings are desired.  And, as a flaming Extrovert, the world of emojis is ever so delightful.  I have backed off a bit--but sometimes Image result for blowing kiss emojior this Image result for crazy wink emoji speaks volumes--you know what I mean?  Of course, I am still rather focused...umm, okay, fixated on proper grammar and spelling out words like You and Your.  Thus, I will never be a speed texter or have thumb callouses.  Thankfully, I have friends who share my same affection for the English language as we know it; so, they wait patiently while I capitalize and punctuate.  But, I have liberated myself from using colons when talking about meeting times--330, 715, and the like.  Me and James Dean, we're rebels, we are.

And those nifty apps like GoodReads are simply delightful in the library or bookstore.  On a recent Bluff City night out with MFP, we landed in Burke's Books, a favorite haunt of ours.  Rather than wracking my Mom-brain for that "mental list" of books I wanted to read, I simply tapped my little GR friend, and there was my appropriately-titled shelf.  I strolled out of Burke's with four books from my "Want to Read" list and supported a local business.  As I am prone to giddily exclaim, WHEE!

Much like I eerily predicted in that Square post, I have had to discipline myself with regards to how much I "check" my phone--affectionately known as Carmen.  Why, Carmen, you ask?  It's a nod to two facts:  Firstly, in my flip-phone life, I was infamous for not being able to find my phone, likely because when I used it, I would set it down wherever I finished a conversation and would move on from there.  Secondly, I vaguely recall a show called "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"; so, it just seemed fitting.  The boys find it mildly amusing.  

So, you might say that I have one big toe firmly planted in the twenty-first century.  The other facts remain the sameHopefully, Huey will forgive me this lapse and still allow me to freestyle boogie to his aptly-titled beat.  

On Spotify.  Did you expect me to dig out my CD?  Really.  


  1. Love this one. I dragged my feet on getting a smartphone until we made our cross country move from IL to TX and boy was it handy with GPS & hotel finding on the road without having to stop into every entrance.
    I also find I save more $ with my phone and I justify that it pays for itself that way.
    When I shop in person I look up coupons to use on the spot. Works so wonderfully for me as I used to try and clip coupons and then I would forget them or not have them when I needed them. If you shop at target check out the cartwheel app. You can save there and I will often stand and isles and look up on my Amazon prime if I can buy something cheaper that way very often I can compared with store prices on things I can wait a few more days to have in my possession.
    Please excuse all of my run on sentences you word and grammar savvy friend.��☺️��

    Love, Cher

  2. And of course Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon can be pulled up in a snap.
    See RetailMeNot app as well. I've saved that way.
    I can often be found in a store aisle looking up virtual coupons or I ask at the desk if they know of any I can look up.:)

  3. Ah, yes, RetailMeNot is on my phone. And, I'm glad to know that I'm not only one who stands in the aisles and says, possibly aloud, "I can get that cheaper on Amazon." HL is my go-to; truly, a homeschooling mama's BFF. :)