Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stuff I've Been Reading

FYI...for a bibliophile, the most excellent conversation starter in the history of the free world is, "What are you reading these days?".  Just be prepared for the avalanche of information and effusive delight brought about by discussing (or perhaps a dramatic monologue experience!) such things.  So, here's a little list of "stuff I've been reading" lately.  Get ready, steady, GO.

Gracy Olmstead (my new favoritest blogger):  Your Friends Are Not An App

An excerpt~

"While we should not neglect the goods that technology can provide, we should not embrace them without a thought to the possible consequences, either. With each stage of technological development, we’re encouraged to separate ourselves more from the physical space we inhabit. We’re encouraged to live in a virtual reality in which we can distance ourselves from both the blessings and curses of real presence. Yet technology is at its best when it facilitates instead of replaces physical interaction." ~

Charlene Notgrass (Homeschooling Veteran/Curriculum Queen): Unplanned Summer Days

An excerpt~

"Childhood was a quiet and peaceful time, uncluttered by one expensive, time-consuming, and stress-filled activity after another..."

BOOKS (Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge or Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge)
Eclectic is this summer's theme.  Or perhaps, serendipity.  Either way, it works!

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