Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some Big Football Game This Weekend...

Super Bowl Weekend.  Million-dollar commercials.  Elsa is singing the National Anthem.  Eighty-seven kinds of chip and dip combos headline on Pinterest.  Deflated footballs, Skittles, and Beast Mode have all swept into Phoenix this week.  My favorite part of the Super-Bowl hoopla is the LEGOs.  My Ninja, inspired by his passion for Seahawks football and admiration for #3 (Russell Wilson, in case you've been living under a rock), brings his fandom to a new level with this Super Bowl XLIX brick tribute.  And, yes, we have been studying Roman numerals this week, too.

The Pats' starting line-up--you can tell by the Belichick hoodie.
Sky-Cam View.
Aerial view provided by GoodMet Snoopy Year.
The Lombardi Trophy.

Don't tell anybody--it's one of those pix 
they give to the "team" up in the booth.

50-yard line.  We had to get a second mortgage for these tickets.

Pete Carroll--it's the hair.

The Champion's Stage--and the Ninja's Super Bowl Prediction.

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  1. I L💚VE this ! Give Nate a big high five from the PA 12's and tell him we said #GoHawks! 💚💙💚💙 Praying his prediction is right, but of its not, God is still good. We'll just have to console ourselves with a lot of extra pizza. 😜🍕