Monday, April 20, 2015


Yes, we are Tim Tebow fans.   Not only because of what he has done on the field--a Heisman Trophy in his sophomore year was quite a feat.  Oh, and that SEC Championship.  That National Title.  And, the Broncos Wild Card playoff win.   But for who he is and what he does off the field.  While his words are genuine and sincere, it is his actions that speak volumes.  I could gush out his resume but a visit to the Tim Tebow Foundation website can give you a hint.  And, that's just what the public sees.

Here's what I saw--April 19, 2010.  I saw a soon-to-be-first-round-drafted quarterback share his dinner with a St. Jude's patient.  I saw a humble, self-effacing young man unashamedly proclaim His platform.  And, thanks to the delightful persistence of a dear friend and fellow Gator fan, I saw my nearly-8-year old son meet one of his heroes.  Tim falls right behind God and Dad on his list.  He took the time to interact, eye-to-eye, with "He Who Is Now Taller Than I".  I am rarely speechless, a fact to which many can attest; but, that stopped me in my tracks. Tim has a charismatic presence that fills the room as he enters it.  But, he also has that disarming something about him that just might prompt you to invite him over for a piece of pie.  Sadly, I didn't have any pie.  But, you get my point.

In an organization that continues to be beleaguered by the gut-wrenching off-the-field actions of its marquee players, Tim's return is refreshing.  He reconnects with his former roommate and favorite receiver, Riley Cooper.  Who knows what might happen?

No matter what, Tim will make an impact.   He brings a class act to a tainted sport. I'll certainly be more inclined to watch some pro football on any given Sunday.  Perhaps, the third time is the charm.

Time will tell.  And, so the Eagles gain three new fans.  Fair-Tebow fans, without apology. Thanks--and God Bless.

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