Monday, May 25, 2015

The Force is Strong with This One

Do you remember the first time you saw "Star Wars"?  I mean the original--or what children of the 21st century now call, Episode 4, "A New Hope".  To be embarrassingly honest, I don't recall the first time I saw SW in a traditional movie theater.  I do remember seeing it at an outdoor showing at Mullins Park.  And, then there was the Marathon, Spring Break 1991, when one of my friends learned that I hadn't viewed the "Holy Trinity"--and guess what we did for the next 6 hours, 52 minutes, and 36 seconds--give or take?  Which inspired a campus-wide Marathon at our Alma Mater. 

But, my very favorite, hands-down showing of "Star Wars" came when we shared it with our boys--for the first time.  He Who Is Now Taller Than I and Ninja were hooked.  From the get go.  Lego Star Wars sets were purchased.  Character encyclopedias were pored over--and random but fascinating facts memorized.  The $5 bin at Wally World scavenged for bargain flicks. Yard sales were haunted for collector mini-figure sets.  And, of course, I, the Queen of Themes, was inspired to have a party.  Mais oui, mes amis!

May the Fourth was far too bandwagon to schedule such festivities; so, we decided upon May 25.  The actual, real-deal day that Star Wars premiered--most likely at a theater near you.  We invited some pals who had never seen the original--gasp, I know.  Good thing you were sitting down to read this, right?  There are those folks that exist.  But, we righted that wrong. To see the delight and the "wow" factor on the novice's face is so much fun.  To quote many, "it's just good parenting."

As you might expect, the celebrations have expanded over the past few years.  The menu has included Boba Feta Salad, Death Star Meatballs, and Wookie Cookies.  We have added Clone Trooper Trail Mix, Skywalker's Subs (thank you, Jimmy John's), and Cantina Cheese Straws (Southern yumminess meets intergalactic goodies).  With a little help from our friends, we get by.  And, we have an old-school showing of the original, on VHS, of course--on our cozy little 2008 television with the DVD/VCR combo.  

This year was the first time that all in attendance had actually seen the flick that changed the way we look at danish.  Yes, danish.  Have you taken a good, hard look at Leia's hair-do? They look like danish on the side of her royal head.  Of course, in all seriousness, it was quite the motion picture experience.  And, there's Chewie.  He's a personal favorite.  And, everybody's favorite scoundrel--Han Solo.  Rhett Butler in a coal black vest, toting a laser blaster.   My in-house experts inform me that R2D2 and C3PO are the only characters to appear in all six Star Wars films.  You can argue that Obi-Wan has achieved a similar feat; however, he shows up as a spirit, not in solid physical form.  I'll leave that debate for another day--and for my Favorite Philosopher.

This is the blog you were looking for.  And, you will honor the legacy of Star Wars with annual viewings of said flick.  You may go about your business.

Aerial view.

Coffee table decor.

Yummy, they are.
LEGOs.  Yup.

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