Friday, June 19, 2015

God of the Brokenhearted

It's about good versus evil.
It's about love versus hate.
It's about a broken, fallen world.

Let the pundits holler, the media exploit, and the birds Twitter.

These words keep rolling through my brain.

"I have decided to stick with love because hate is too great a burden to bear." 
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In bold, red letters, Jesus spoke in John's Gospel:

"I have said these things to you, that in me, you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” 
~ John 16:33

I notice that He didn't say "I might" overcome the world.  Or "I've thought about" overcoming the world .  Or "I'm considering" overcoming the world.

He said, "I HAVE."

And, that's what I have to hold onto. 

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